RankBrain & Content Marketing….What is new happening?

December 13th, 2015

Traditionally, quality & unique content is the most important part of any SEO work.
SEO professional know about it very well.

The traditional SEO content involves the generation of unique text (usually greater than 500 words) +keywords+relavent keywords etc.  This notion isn’t completely obsolete; keywords and key phrases still matter. However, their value is gradually being deprecated, as search engines become better able to determine the meaning behind and beyond the actual words being used on a given web page and match this meaning to the context in which the user query is executed.

Now, the new algorithm RankBrain is making it this possible.

Because Rank Brain and Hummingbird both have the same goal and work in tandem with each other, any steps taken to optimize content for one algorithm will likely provide benefit via the other. In light of the advent of RankBrain, here are four steps I would take when creating new content or while revising and improving old content.

Read Full Article at: http://www.clickz.com/clickz/column/2438610/what-content-marketers-need-to-know-about-rankbrain-and-seo

Why I’ll Always Tell My Son that – He’s Smart

September 12th, 2014

On Sept.12,2014 – Friday morning 7-30, I read a very good blog written by Salman Khan.  Read it below here:

My 5-year-­old son has just started reading. Every night, we lie on his bed and he reads a short book to me. Inevitably, he’ll hit a word that he has trouble with: last night the word was “gratefully.” He eventually got it after a fairly painful minute. He then said, “Dad, aren’t you glad how I struggled with that word? I think I could feel my brain growing.” I smiled: my son was now verbalizing the tell­-tale signs of a “growth­ mindset.” But this wasn’t by accident. Recently, I put into practice research I had been reading about for the past few years: I decided to praise my son not when he succeeded at things he was already good at, but when he persevered with things that he found difficult. I stressed to him that by struggling, your brain grows. Between the deep body of research on the field of learning mindsets and this personal experience with my son, I am more convinced than ever that mindsets toward learning could matter more than anything else we teach.

Researchers have known for some time that the brain is like a muscle; that the more you use it, the more it grows. They’ve found that neural connections form and deepen most when we make mistakes doing difficult tasks rather than repeatedly having success with easy ones.


What this means is that our intelligence is not fixed, and the best way that we can grow our intelligence is to embrace tasks where we might struggle and fail.

However, not everyone realizes this. Dr. Carol Dweck of Stanford University has been studying people’s mindsets towards learning for decades. She has found that most people adhere to one of two mindsets: fixed or growth. Fixed mindsets mistakenly believe that people are either smart or not, that intelligence is fixed by genes. People with growth mindsets correctly believe that capability and intelligence can be grown through effort, struggle and failure. Dweck found that those with a fixed mindset tended to focus their effort on tasks where they had a high likelihood of success and avoided tasks where they may have had to struggle, which limited their learning. People with a growth mindset, however, embraced challenges, and understood that tenacity and effort could change their learning outcomes. As you can imagine, this correlated with the latter group more actively pushing themselves and growing intellectually.

The good news is that mindsets can be taught; they’re malleable. What’s really fascinating is that Dweck and others have developed techniques that they call “growth mindset interventions,” which have shown that even small changes in communication or seemingly innocuous comments can have fairly long­-lasting implications for a person’s mindset. For instance, praising someone’s process (“I really like how you struggled with that problem”) versus praising an innate trait or talent (“You’re so clever!”) is one way to reinforce a growth ­mindset with someone. Process­ praise acknowledges the effort; talent­ praise reinforces the notion that one only succeeds (or doesn’t) based on a fixed trait. And we’ve seen this on Khan Academy as well: students are spending more time learning on Khan Academy after being exposed to messages that praise their tenacity and grit and that underscore that the brain is like a muscle.

The Internet is a dream for someone with a growth mindset. Between Khan Academy, MOOCs, and others, there is unprecedented access to endless content to help you grow your mind. However, society isn’t going to fully take advantage of this without growth mindsets being more prevalent. So what if we actively tried to change that? What if we began using whatever means are at our disposal to start performing growth mindset interventions on everyone we cared about? This is much bigger than Khan Academy or algebra — it applies to how you communicate with your children, how you manage your team at work, how you learn a new language or instrument. If society as a whole begins to embrace the struggle of learning, there is no end to what that could mean for global human potential.

And now here’s a surprise for you. By reading this article itself, you’ve just undergone the first half of a growth­-mindset intervention. The research shows that just being exposed to the research itself (­­for example, knowing that the brain grows most by getting questions wrong, not right­­) can begin to change a person’s mindset. The second half of the intervention is for you to communicate the research with others. We’ve made a video (above) that celebrates the struggle of learning that will help you do this. After all, when my son, or for that matter, anyone else asks me about learning, I only want them to know one thing. As long as they embrace struggle and mistakes, they can learn anything.

Source:  https://www.khanacademy.org/about/blog/post/95208400815/the-learning-myth-why-ill-never-tell-my-son-hes

Do you know – Every Seven Years You Change???

December 4th, 2012

You believe it or not – but we all have changed.

Nowadays, we all are busy in our family life & work life mostly.

We sometimes remember old friends(but rarely send email or call them!!!)
and old memories(thinking that those days were golden days!!!)

Many of us have seen ups & downs in personal family life, career life
and financial life. And life goes on and on…

An interesting article, I have gone through recently is here:


Do you know which couple lives truly Gandhian Life???

December 21st, 2011

Let me share really inspiring information of a couple
who truely lives Gandhian life in Ahmedabad,Gujarat,India.

See their Video Interview (in Gujarati Language)

Meet Anar Patel & Jayesh Patel.

Anar Patel is a daughter of a very well known politician – AnandibenPatel & Jayeshbhai is a son of Ishwarbhai Patel(Padmashree award winner)

Anarben is empowering more than 2000 women in rural area. See her project Gramshree – http://www.gramshree.org

Jayeshbhai is very active in Manav Sadhana project. Manav Sadhna, an NGO based in the Gandhi Ashram, Ahmedabad, is dedicated to the upliftment of the underprivileged through love. See the website: http://www.manavsadhna.org

Another very unique restaurant started by Anarben & Jayeshbhai is: Seva Cafe – All costs and income in this restaurant are made transparent, and 100% of any profits are used to support social service projects.

See:  http://www.sevacafe.org/ahmedabad.html

Personally, I have been to Seva Cafe few times. I have also met Anarben & Jayeshbhai few times. There is amazing energy and love you can experience in them and whatever activities they do. I am very much involved in Yuva Unstoppable activities & Anarben/Jayeshbhai are also involved in it too. Some events & activities in Yuva Unstoppable(See: http://www.YuvaUnstoppable.org) gave me chances to interact with them, listen to them and see their activities.

If you go through above website links or watch the videos – you will surely get inspired to do simple but truly magical things in life.

Thanks a lot.

Google’s Own System Generated Email Goes to SPAM too!!!

December 20th, 2011

SPAM is a very tricky issue and Google’s Own System Generated Email Goes to SPAM too!!!

I always tell the clients that – there is no 100% guarantee for any email going to INBOX only.

See below images and see it by yourself. Automatic generated email from Google Analytics goes to SPAM folder
of Gmail only. Google own system(google analytics) generated email goes to SPAM of Gmail.

Want to Activate Your Own Super Computer – “The Brain”???

December 2nd, 2011

We all are fascinated by computers & mobile phones or mobile devices. We read a lot about it and discuss about it.

Majority of all of us neglect our own super computer – “The Brain”. We really know very little about it.

Well, let me share some knowledge given at: http://www.solarhealing.com

We all have a super computer in our bodies given to us by the nature, which is our brain.   The brain is more powerful than the most advanced super computer. Each and every human being is gifted with innumerable talents, and infinite inherent powers by nature. Individuals should never underestimate themselves. Everyone is gifted. If we make use of these powers we can take ourselves to great levels. Unfortunately, these infinite inherent powers are programmed in that part of the brain that is largely dormant and goes unused. Even medical science agrees we hardly make use of the brain but about 5-7% – the most brilliant of humans like Albert Einstein is reported to have used only about 32% of their brains.

If we can activate the human brain and awaken these infinite powers inherent in ourselves then we can raise ourselves to higher levels.  We can achieve any results we want.  In order to operate the brain effectively, it needs to be activated.

Being a holistic entity it needs a holistic power supply.  Sun energy is the source that powers the brain, which can enter and leave the human body or the brain only through one organ that is the human eye.  Eyes are the Sun Energy’s entry door to the human brain. They are also known as the windows of the soul.  Recent research has found out that the eye has many functions other than vision.  And more information is continuing to be revealed about the functions of the eye.  The eyes are complex organs and they have 5 billion parts much more than a spacecraft that has about 6-7 million parts.  By this, you can see the immense capacity of the human eye.

In his short video, Hira Ratan Manek, explains that-  Brain is the software, Mind is keyboard & mouse and sun light is the electricity to run our body(an amazing system like computer system).  See his amazing short video:

My Personal Experience:  I am in love with Sun now. I am doing sun gazing since almost last 21 days. I am personally experiencing high energy in my day to day life, less hunger & very less sleep. I am also slowly practicing “Pranayam” and awakening of Kundalini. I am going to spread this knowledge & experience to all of you once I will get more success.

This is amazing. I am wondering why this great knowledge was hidden to me for so many years. At age of 34, I came to know about all this. Anyway, its always a better time 🙂

Know Solar Healing??? Its a Natural healing for Your Health…

November 24th, 2011

If you are interested to learn more about Solar Healing,
then visit: http://www.solarhealing.com

Do you know that –

Hira Ratan Manek (HRM), among others, have proven
that a person can live just on solar energy for very long
periods without eating any food???

This has come to be known as the HRM phenomenon.
The method is used for curing all kinds of psychosomatic,
mental and physical illnesses as well as increasing memory
power and mental strength by using sunlight.

As a result, one will be free from mental disturbances
and fear, which will result in a perfect balance of mind.
If one continues to apply the proper sungazing
practice for 6 months, they will be free from
physical illnesses.

This is a straight-forward yet effective method based on
solar energy, which enables one to harmonize and
recharge the body with life energy and also invoke the
unlimited powers of the mind very easily. Additionally, it
allows one to easily liberate from threefold sufferings
of humanity such as mental illnesses, physical
illnesses and spiritual ignorance.

If you are interested to learn more about Solar Healing,
then visit: http://www.solarhealing.com

Personally, I have already started Sun gazing and I am
experiencing a new high energy level everyday.

Let me know if you are interested to know my experiences
of Sun gazing.


Internet Marketing & Business Leads Generation Through Email Marketing

November 24th, 2011

Seminar Topic:

Date: 26th November 2011, Saturday

Fees: Rs. 100 Per Person (Pay at ATMA Hall)

Prior Registration is Compulsory. Limited Seats Only.
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Time: Evening – 6-00 P.M. to 7-00 P.M. – Seminar (Please Note: Seminar will
Start at Sharp 6-00 P.M.)

7-00 P.M. to 7-30 P.M. – Question/Answer Session

Fees Payment & Pre-Registration – 5-30 P.M.

Location: ATMA Auditorium (Ahmedabad Textile Mill’s Association),Opp City Gold, Nr. Shiv Cinema, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad

Who Should Attend?

Business Owners
Marketing Executives
MBA/B.Com Students
All Those Who are Interested…

Why You Should Attend?
Internet Marketing is Very Cost Effective Medium (Newspaper/TV/Radio/Bill Board/Magazines/SMS are Expensive)
You can control your own marketing budget or efforts every month
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You can Measure Marketing Efforts Clearly
Target World-Wide Market

What You will Learn?
You will get good overview of:

How to Generate Business Leads through –
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Who is Speaker?
Mr. Ankur PateL – CEO of Infotrex Services Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. PateL is having more than 10 years of Experience in Internet Marketing

Mr. PateL has completed Master degree in Computer from USA in 2001 & Returned to Ahmedabad in 2003.

Some Funny& Nice Videos…

November 21st, 2011

3 very small videos, which you can enjoy.

1. 5 Days of Facebook: (6 Min. 41 Sec.)

2. Question Baba (My son Devarsh) (46 Seconds)

3. Amiben making Fun with Face (30 Seconds)

5 Signs that the collapse of our modern world has already begun…

November 8th, 2011

This blog post is little long, but its really important that you take
some time and read it in full. Its not about me or you. Its about all of
us – all about future generation.

A lot of people believe that the world as we know it is going to end
on December 23, 2012. Nonsense, I say.

The far more honest answer is that the end of the world as
we know it has already begun. And it doesn’t mean the end of
the world; it means the closing of one era and the birth of a
new one. It is a transition between the ages. This particular
transition, however, promises to be the most tumultuous
and costly transition humankind has ever seen.

But don’t wait around for December 2012 to look for the signs.
Here are 14 signs that the world as we know it is unraveling right now.
We are living through the end of one era and the birth of a new one.
In the future, they’ll look back and call this all one moment in history.
#1 – Tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis – At first it seemed like a fluke; but now it’s a pattern. Th weather is becoming increasingly extreme. Over 120 tornadoes recently struck the U.S. Midwest. Texas is on fire and suffering through an extreme drought. And where there aren’t fires and droughts, there are floods. This is only the beginning… watch for more freak weather over the next 14 months.

#2 The failure of nuclear science – The Fukushima catastrophe proves one thing: Scientists are dangerously arrogant in their planning of large-scale projects, and they fail to account for the awesome power of Mother Nature. Nuclear science promised us clean, green energy — but now it has delivered a silent, invisible poisonthat’s infecting our planet.

#3 – The vicious pursuit of Wikileaks– In an age of such rampant deceit, there is no room for the truth. So those who tell the truth (Wikileaks) are viciously pursued as if they were criminals.

#4 – The increasing frequency of high food prices,food shortages and crop failures – Notice the spike in food prices? That’s just the beginning: Food prices will continue to skyrocket in the years ahead due to extreme weather, the loss of pollinators and the global contamination of crops by GMOs. Real food is becoming increasingly scarce in our world. You might want to think about starting a home garden 🙂

#5 – The continued GMO contamination of our planet – This may be the worst chapter in the coming collapse: The widespread genetic pollution of our planet through GMOs. This is a crime against nature and against humanity. It is a “gene spill” that may never be contained as it spreads its deadly DNA across the world’s food crops, leading to crop failures and starvation. The use of GMOs is the closest thing to “Satanic” that you’ll find in modern agriculture. The agenda behind this is pure evil.

This lesson should be long remembered:

If you let the corporations, the banks and the governments run your
economies, your farms and your lives, they will enslave you and steal your
future while you sleep; they will inject silent poisons into the very world
around you until you awaken one day to find that all you created has
been destroyed. They will promise you paradise but deliver only death.

Beware of any entity that is not a living person — no government,
no institution, no corporation has a soul, nor a heart, nor a conscience.
They are forces of organized destruction that decimate those things
we hold dear while delivering to us things that will only enslave us or harm us.

And be ready for the acceleration of the collapse. Because if you are
reading this, you are the future of the human race. You have a duty to
stay alive, keep your genes intact, and be around to help create the
Next Society after this one crumbles into history.

I hope you will contribute good things in coming days and coming
2012 for future society.

Above information was taken from – http://www.naturalnews.com/032258_economic_collapse_2012.html

If you are interested to read a long article, go to this URL – http://www.naturalnews.com/032258_economic_collapse_2012.html